28 days raw day five


I woke up with a headache, this is probably down to a mixture of stress and chocolate last night. It was raw chocolate I made. I had grapefruit juice for breakfast, this lifted my headache and I felt loads better. I am off to my friend in Brighton today. She is taking me for dinner to a vegetarian restaurant I am really looking forward to it. I know this means ill be eating some cooked food ill keep it light and guilt free. Here’s to a good weekend with spending time with my friend I’ve known 35 years. She is a meat eater so were meeting halfway going to a vegetarian restaurant. It’s all about balance.

About healthyspiritmindbody

An advocate of healing from within, Stella’s approach focuses on nourishing the whole person by clearing emotional & nutritional imbalance using Ying Yang techniques as the key to transformation and health. As a qualified nutritional therapist, tutor and 4th generation Tai Chi Chuan practitioner, with a history of childhood illness. Stella’s journey to health has been turbulent and full of discovery. Through trial and error, she has developed a system that brings balance to mind, body and spirit. Stella is a vegan and raw foods enthusiast and has a deep passion for creating delicious raw chocolates. Discover Stella's diverse knowledge and experience with a unified clarity into the art of nutritional, lifestyle, and whole­life balance.

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