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Benefits of Kale

Benefits of Kale

I love Kale, cooked, raw, in juices, smoothies etc etc

I love it and it loves me ❤

Here is a great link about the benefits.
Perfect Kale smoothie
1 bunch Kale
1 bunch Spinach
1 mango
Whizz up bag enjoy ❤

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Sweet Chilli Kale Chips


I find an integral part of staying raw is to satisfy our desires that were created in our old ways of eating. For me I like crunchy food! Do not get me wrong I absolutely love the crunch of fresh lettuce, kale, apples etc Kale chips meet a different desire we have to crunch away on something that feels decadent. These Chilli Kale Chips I have created are amazing! They hit all the spots for me, Sweet, Savoury, Slightly salty, Spicy and most of all that pleasing crunch! kale is a superfood! Check out this website where you can compare nutritional values of foods side by side HealthAliciousNess It’s a helpful tool and lots of interesting facts on the website. So we have delicious! Nutritious! Do you need any more reasons to eat these ? How about some of my Cheesy Chive Mayo to Dip them in 🙂 Enjoy guilt free eating.